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Libertine Neroli

Libertine Neroli

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This perfume extract features a combination of Neroli, Leather, and Chypre notes, which create an elegant, fresh, vintage, seductive, and sophisticated mood. The fragrance is designed to evoke the feeling of indulging in luxury and pleasure, and highlights the light-heartedness of Neroli and the seductive appeal of Leather.

The scent has a Chypre structure that gives it a complex character with a touch of animalic intensity, sophistication, and vintage charm. It draws inspiration from the glamorous social scenes of Italy in the past, such as the carefree atmosphere of the Roman Dolce Vita, the sense of freedom of Wyler's Roman Holiday, or the refined-yet-casual vibe of Minghella's The Talented Mr. Ripley.

This perfume extract is the first of its kind, entirely dedicated to a specific ingredient. It is a complex blend that focuses solely on Neroli, resulting in a fragrance with great longevity, body, and structure.

The scent pyramid includes bergamot, petit-grain, neroli, geranium, iris, animalic accord, leather, labdanum, benjoin, and oakmoss. The ingredients include denatured alcohol, fragrance, water, and various aromatic compounds.
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