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In Between

In Between

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"In between" embodies a sense of safety, warmth, and familiarity. The description of the fragrance suggests a youthful spirit that carries the wearer through future adventures, painting pictures in the mind and leaving a taste in the mouth.

The fragrance is described as a complement of the carefree, sweet, and trusting essence of tender youth with the mature, full bloom of Arabian jasmine. It is a fragrance with great sensitivity, hesitant yet extraordinarily feminine.

The wearer is in between, no longer here, not yet there, indulging themselves for one last time in the sweet familiarity of their youthful soul before spreading their wings and sailing away to test their limits.

The aroma is perfect for those who seek a sense of safety and familiarity, while also desiring to explore and push their boundaries. It is a fragrance that empowers the wearer to embrace their youthful spirit while also embracing their mature and feminine side.

The ingredients of this fragrance include the sweet and trusting essence of tender youth and the mature, full bloom of Arabian jasmine, among others.
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