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Eisbach is a fragrance that embodies a fresh, energetic, and harmonious scent. The description of the fragrance suggests a feeling of being close to the hustle and bustle of a charming city, with summer in the heart and a melody in the mind.

The fragrance is described as a wave formed by the power of water, carrying the wearer forward and saturating them with a sea of crystals. The scent builds energy inside, pulsating and constantly in motion.

The fragrance features a fusion of citrus freshness and effervescent energy with the gentle wisdom and harmony of Japanese green tea. It is a spectacular fragrance experience and a personal declaration of love for Munich.

Eisbach is a fragrance that empowers the wearer to flow calmly, knowing that it is impossible for any waves to form without this sense of harmony. It is a beautiful and harmonious scent that will make you feel energized and refreshed.

The ingredients of this fragrance include citrus freshness, effervescent energy, and Japanese green tea, among others.
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