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Darling Rouge

Darling Rouge

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Size: 50 ml

When the story of creating a rose perfume coincides with the story of love... When your first rendezvous with roses turns into a deep, sensual vanilla with your Darling.

Darling Rouge De Gabor is an emotional perfume creation with fabulous roses in 2022. "In March 2022, while admiring the marvelous show with red feathered cabaret costumes at Moulin Rouge, a new wave of rose perfume inspiration came to my mind.

The spring was in the air, even in the cold evening, and the refined art of love was on the scene. At that time, the idea of the relationship was just blossoming, like a rose waiting for warm days to open its petals.

Many sleepless nights in red lights and the magic of this charming perfume creation painted with love the French centifolia roses and the Turkish damascena roses on the romantic and elegant silk of Darling's sandalwood.

Just after the final step of this perfume creation, another magic of the rose came to life. In September 2022, following the new dinner show at the Parisian Moulin Rouge, in the little garden of Place Blanche, the divine confirmation for the final perfume version arrived.

In front of the red neons of the cultic cabaret, I miraculously found a deep red rose after midnight. That rose had no perfume at all during the night. I called a taxi for a direct drive to my Darling's home.

With the morning sunrise, the rose opened its petals and filled the warm air with fascinating facets of love...La vie en rose retrouvée." - Gabriel Gabor, Perfumer - This special Darling Rouge perfume has one of the most long-lasting rose notes among modern niche perfumes. The charming frankincense, ambery vanilla with rosy musks bless you with your Darling for a long time.

The Extrait de Parfum version of Darling Rouge comes in a hand-polished luxury glass bottle with a shiny black genuine leather cap.

Olfactive Description:

Fragrance Family: Floral Oriental
Top Notes: Floral Citrusy (Fresh French rose, Bergamot, Lemon)
Heart Notes: Floral Woody (French rose, Turkish rose, frankincense, floral sandalwood)
Base Notes: Floral Oriental (Rose balsam, labdanum, ambergris, ambery vanilla, vetyver, floral musk, long-lasting romantic French touch)
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