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Byzantine Amber

Byzantine Amber

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Byzantine Amber is an Extrait de Parfum that features Amber, Leather, and Animalic notes, creating a dramatic, hypnotic, and theatrical mood. The fragrance is dark, obscure, and decadent, shimmering with gold, and is the third scent in a series dedicated to the glorious raw materials of perfumery, reinterpreted in the style of the house.

The scent opens with cinnamon and the pulpiness of geranium, which develops into an ambery base with a dark, animal, and mineral facet. The composition is inspired by the mosaics of the Byzantine civilization, such as those of Ravenna, which have gleaming gold tesserae that are imperfect for being worn out over time.

Byzantine Amber is intense and decadent, like a great civilization in the final phase of its splendor. The geranium note is pulpy, rosy, spicy, slightly green, and contrasts with the dry minerality of ambergris and styrax. The backbone of the fragrance is an ambery accord enriched by the spice that makes it sensual: cinnamon.

The warm and shiny accord is darkened by leathery, smokey, and animalic aspects, which give intensity and characterize the composition. The scent pyramid includes bergamot, cinnamon, geranium, benzoin, labdanum, frankincense, leather, styrax, and ambergris.

The ingredients include denatured alcohol, fragrance, and various aromatic compounds such as alpha-isomethyl ionone, limonene, linalool, benzyl benzoate, citronellol, cinnamal, eugenol, geraniol, cinnamyl alcohol, citral, benzyl alcohol, amyl cinnamal, isoeugenol, and benzyl cinnamate.
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