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Size: 50 ml

Astronaut, the latest addition to the niche perfume market, pays homage to the brave men and women who have ventured into space and those who will continue to do so in the future. The profession of an astronaut is a rare one, second only to that of a perfumer on Earth. This fragrance captures the spirit of adventure, endurance, and bravery of both astronauts and perfumers alike.

The alpha version of this fragrance is designed to evoke the cool and fresh ambiance of space, with notes reminiscent of the scent of a new space helmet with a shiny golden screen. The green fruity, citrusy top notes of galbanum, lime, and green feijoa fruit create a sensation of levitation.

On summer evenings, the fresh aromatic notes of French lavender, rosemary, rosewood, and geranium create a unique and charming image under the starry sky. The fresh citrusy notes are present from the top notes to the last base notes, thanks to a 21st-century fragrance creation secret.

The cool vetyver and smoldering sandalwood give the fragrance a unique and inimitable sillage, with amber being the star of the show. As of 2020, the world's population stands at over 8 billion people, while the total number of astronauts who have been in space until 2023 is only 562 (according to USAF data). Similarly, the total number of living perfumers in 2018 was less than 500.

Olfactive Description:

Fragrance Family: Aromatic Ambery
Top Notes: Floral Green Citrusy (Bergamot, Lime, Feijoa Fruit, Galbanum)
Heart Notes: Aromatic Woody (French Lavender, Rosemary, Geranium, Patchouli, Rosewood)
Base Notes: Ambery Woody (Labdanum, Ambergris, Cool Vetyver, Floral Sandalwood, Long-lasting Elegant French Touch)
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