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Niche Aroma

A La Carte

A La Carte

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A La Carte embodies a sensuous, indulgent, and decadent scent. The description of the fragrance suggests a vision of indulgence, passion, and decadence, inviting the wearer to take their seat at the laden table and indulge in the preciousness of life.

The fragrance is described as opulent and rotund, with a sweet and heavy atmosphere that entices the senses. It is a scent that pushes out all reason and steals it away, leaving the wearer entranced.

The fragrance features fine gourmand notes and an arresting opulence, making it perfect for those who seek a sensuous and indulgent scent. It is a revelation that can be experienced as a fleeting hint or an absolute surrender to fatal indulgence.

À la carte – nothing less is good enough today.

The ingredients of this fragrance include fine gourmand notes and other scents that contribute to its sensuous and indulgent aroma.
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